Baggy Point waterspout filmed by helicopter rescue crew

A waterspout off the coast of Devon has been caught on camera by the crew of an RAF search and rescue helicopter from RMB Chivenor.

It was spotted by the crew on Thursday at Baggy Point near Croyde.

A waterspout - described as being like a tornado over water - is formed when there is a big variation in sea and air temperatures.

Although it appears like a column of water, it is actually a cone-like point of cloud.

David Braine, BBC South West's weather presenter, said with recent sea temperatures of 11C, air temperatures of 13 to 14C and plenty of cumulonimbus cloud, conditions were right for the formation of the funnel-shaped waterspout.

"A waterspout needs a 'parent' cloud of cumulonimbus to form, but they're not that uncommon," he said.

"It's like a tornado over water, but it's extremely rare for it to travel from sea to land."

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