David Johnson guilty of stabbing man with kitchen knife

A man has been found guilty of attempted murder after throttling and stabbing his friend 38 times in Devon.

David Johnson, 33, of Foxhayes Road, Exeter, was found guilty of the attempted murder of Danny Ross.

Exeter Crown Court heard that Johnson used his belt to throttle Mr Ross before later stabbing him with a kitchen knife.

Judge Graham Cottle ordered a psychological assessment before sentencing takes place on 18 May.

The court heard that Johnson went to Mr Ross's Exeter property and attacked him after saying the victim owed his father money.

'Get over it'

Mr Ross, 44, who was considered vulnerable following a brain injury, became agitated and started crying.

Johnson then used his belt to throttle Mr Ross before he was pulled away by another man in the flat.

When Johnson was left alone with Mr Ross he stabbed him 38 times.

The jury was told that after the attack Johnson was heard saying "I've killed him. Get over it" before calling the emergency services with a fake accent.

Mr Ross survived the attack because paramedics were able to treat him before his blood pressure fell too much.

Judge Cottle said: "I need to know how dangerous this man is.

"I still need help to form an assessment of his dangerousness. He continues to deny responsibility despite overwhelming evidence."

Johnson denied the attack claiming Mr Ross inflicted the wounds on himself to claim compensation.

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