Plymouth man uncovers well under living room

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Media captionColin Steer has dug down about 17ft so far

A well believed to be up to 30ft (9m) deep has been uncovered beneath the living room floor of a Plymouth house.

Owner Colin Steer had always suspected there was something unusual under the floor of the house in the Mannamead area after repairing a dip he noticed after moving in more than 20 years ago.

He decided to carry out a closer examination after his children left home.

About 17ft (5m) of rubble has been cleared out of the hole.

He said: "We're down to about 17ft, but we think it goes down to about 25ft or 30ft."

Mr Steer said he hoped to keep excavating the 1ft-wide (30cm) well and measure its complete depth.

It is the second time in recent weeks repairs and renovations carried out by Mr Steer have unearthed items of interest.

Last week, he dug up two World War II bombs while working in his back garden.

The devices, identified as bombs dropped by the German air force during raids on the city, were taken away by a Royal Navy bomb disposal team and disposed of.

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