Sentencing after pregnant girlfriend jumped from window

A pregnant woman jumped out of a window to escape her abusive boyfriend, Exeter Crown Court has heard.

Jamie Lumber, 23, of Warren Road, Torquay, admitted assault causing actual bodily harm against his partner Jacqueline Prentice.

Lumber punched and bit seven-month pregnant Miss Prentice until she jumped from a ground floor window after she told him to stop smoking in their flat.

He was given a 15-month sentence, suspended for two years.

'Dragged' around

The court heard that Lumber returned home drunk at about 05:00 GMT one morning in May and started rolling a cigarette.

Miss Prentice asked him to stop smoking for fear of breaching their tenancy agreement and started to call the police.

Hearing her on the phone, Lumber punched her.

Judge Phillip Wassall said: "She was crouching on the floor, trying to protect her pregnancy and you dragged her around by her hair, causing her carpet burns and bit her arm, breaking the skin.

"It shows how terrified she must have been that she climbed out of the kitchen window with her unborn child inside her. It is a sickening array of injuries from what must have been a terrifying assault."

At court Lumber was also told he must attend alcohol and domestic violence courses.

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