Fifty-year-old 'made-to-measure' car sells for £7k

Made-to-measure car
Image caption The 1954 Fiat 1100 has not been driven since its owner was fined for speeding in 2006

A 50-year-old "made-to-measure" car has sold at auction for £7,300.

The motor has a Fiat chassis, a Jaguar grill, its original engine and a body made by a Bavarian coachbuilder.

Built in 1954, the Fiat 1100 was made for a "petite" woman, who is now nearly 100-years-old and living in east Devon. She has not driven the car since she was fined for speeding in 2006.

The unique left-hand drive car was bought by a man in Somerset, who intends to put it back on the road.

It is understood the car's previous owner drove a variety of vehicles in Germany in the 1940s, when she was seconded to the US Army while serving in the British Army.

Auctioneer Carol Campbell said: "It's a complete one off - she wanted a Fiat car and she took them her design and said 'I want that'.

"We've got it running but it will need an MOT."

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