Torquay PCSO airgun shooting: Mark Cook jailed

A Devon man has been jailed for shooting a police community support officer (PCSO) with an airgun.

Mark Cook, 24, of Braddons Hill Road East, Torquay, laughed "uncontrollably" during the incident in April, Torbay Magistrates' Court was told.

He shot the Devon and Cornwall PCSO with a plastic pellet from a BB gun which hit the officer on his stab vest.

Cook admitted possessing an airgun in a public place and was sent to prison for 12 weeks.


Prosecutor Simon Jarvis told magistrates Cook became angry after dropping some milk in the road.

Intending to "spin people out" - or worry them - Cook pointed the BB gun at a member of the public, who reported it to the PCSO, the court heard.

After shooting the PCSO over his shoulder from a range of about 2m (6ft), Cook went back to his flat a short distance away.

He then fired the airgun out of a window as he shouted obscenities and "laughed uncontrollably", the prosecutor said.

John Smethurst, mitigating, said Cook had "delusions of being bigger than he is".

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