HMS Trenchant returns to Plymouth after 11-month deployment

HMS Trenchant preparing to dock
Image caption HMS Trenchant's return came after an 11-month deployment, a new record for a UK nuclear submarine
Military band at HMS Trenchant's return
Image caption A military band played for HMS Trenchant's return
Commander Irvine Lindsay disembarks
Image caption Commander Irvine Lindsay (right) was first ashore
HMS Trenchant family reunited
Image caption Families were reunited after HMS Trenchant came alongside
Sailor feeding baby
Image caption Family duties were quickly resumed after the crew came ashore, including Benn Smith feeding his 15-week-old baby
Commander Irvine Lindsay beside HMS Trenchant
Image caption Commander Lindsay said he was "looking forward to fresh air"

A Royal Navy submarine has returned home to Devonport after 11 months at sea.

HMS Trenchant was away for 335 days, taking part in operations to tackle terrorism and the drugs trade.

It was the longest Trafalgar class submarine deployment, the Royal Navy said.

During its time away, the nuclear submarine spent more than 4,700 hours underwater - the equivalent of six-and-a-half months.

'Potent utility'

Dozens of families were reunited when the vessel returned at about 16:30 BST with an onboard compliment of 130 sailors.

During its deployment, the nuclear-powered hunter-killer vessel - which travelled 38,800 nautical miles, or the equivalent of 1.75 times around the world - visited the Kingdom of Bahrain, Aqaba in Jordan, Crete and Gibraltar.

Commander Irvine Lindsay, HMS Trenchant's commanding officer, said: "This 11-month period away from the UK is the longest ever UK nuclear submarine deployment."

Only seven of the crew were on board for the complete deployment, the navy said,

However, Cdr Lindsay added the ship's company "met every challenge head-on".

He said: "They have achieved success on operations, maintaining the material state of the submarine in a harsh environment and demonstrating the unique and potent military utility of the submarine."

During its 11 months at sea, HMS Trenchant conducted training and exercises with seven UK warships, a French submarine, multiple US warships and auxiliaries, a US submarine and a range of multinational aircraft.

After coming alongside in Plymouth, Cdr Lindsay said events the boat missed while at sea included the Olympics and the announcement of the Duchess of Cambridge's pregnancy.

He added he was "looking forward to fresh air".

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