Goldfish Span shows her football skills

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Media captionHand of cod: Span the goldfish demonstrates her dribbling skills

Span the goldfish has been impressing people with her football skills.

The goldfish from Exeter loves scoring goals in her "goalfish" bowl and her fans have been showing their appreciation.

Span, who shows her fellow fish Spic a clean pair of heels - or fins - has raised £30 for the Hospiscare charity at open days in her owner's garden.

Peter Bettison, 80, who trained his pet with fish food treats, said she would even have a go at basketball.

"People say fish have no memories, but they have excellent memories," he said.

"I took the ball away for five months and as soon as I put it back, it was in the back of the net.

"People are amazed by her. She doesn't look much like an athlete, more like a floating tennis ball."

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