Swastika found carved on Exeter University door

Exeter University Image copyright Exeter University
Image caption A spokesman from Exeter University said any form of racist behaviour was unacceptable

A Jewish group has condemned the "low-lives" scrawling "racist nonsense" after offensive graffiti was found at a university.

A swastika was found carved on a door with a Rights for Whites sign at an Exeter University hall of residence.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews said the perpetrators "deserve nothing but our contempt".

The university said it was investigating, but said the graffiti may have been an "ill-judged" joke.

The graffiti and sign have been removed.

Last September there was an investigation after students wore T-shirts featuring racist and anti-Semitic slogans to a pub crawl hosted by the university's Snowsports society.


In a statement, the Union of Jewish Students said the latest incident was "concerning".

"This abhorrent suggestion comes in the same academic year as the phrase 'The Holocaust was a good time' was scrawled on a shirt at a University of Exeter society's event last September... we hope that this incident is treated with equal gravity," it said.

Exeter University said the graffiti may have been parodying a sketch in a TV comedy show.

A spokesman said any form of racist or discriminatory behaviour was unacceptable.

"The actions of those involved are in contrast to the vast majority of students, who help to build our tolerant and inclusive university community," a statement said.

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