Poole roundabout traffic light removal 'cuts jams'

Drivers and traders in Dorset have claimed traffic jams and journey times have been cut after a set of traffic lights were turned off for a refit.

The lights in Fleetsbridge, Poole, were removed as part of a £75,000 upgrade by the council and are due back in operation on 28 November.

But businesses want the lights removed as they "waste working time".

Poole council said the lights had reduced accidents at the roundabout and must remain for this reason.

Steve Tite, traffic manager at the council, said: "Before the traffic signals being made full-time in 2000, there was an average of seven accidents a year at Fleetsbridge.

"There are now just 2.68 accidents a year.

'A bit chaotic'

"This saves approximately £300,000 to the local economy per year and makes Poole's roads far safer."

But businesses claim they are losing a similar amount of money due to delays.

Hugh Slavin, who works at the nearby Nuffield Industrial Estate, said: "It doubles or triples the time that it takes to get round.

"I have to use those lights at least twice a day, maybe three times a day.

"If you add up the amount of time over the year I'm probably wasting a week of my working life sitting in traffic."

David Woods, who also works at the estate, added: "As all the traffic goes down on to the roundabout it backs up and come five or six o'clock it is a bit chaotic.

"Without the lights there is not that sort of stop-start concertina effect."

Poole council said it was still planning to reinstate the lights later this month.

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