Essex village waits for promised pub, shop and pitch

A village in north Essex has not received the facilities promised when people bought homes up to 10 years ago.

Amenities in Flitch Green were part of an agreement between developer Endonis and the planning directorate, the BBC Politics Show in the East says.

A hall and school have been built but a village centre of a pub, shop and cricket pitch have not.

Endonis said it fully intended to add the facilities.

An application by Endonis for another 107 houses in the area, on top of the 815 already built, is being considered by Uttlesford District Council.

'Restricted by delays'

Council chief executive John Mitchell said this means the council cannot enforce the pre-existing agreement.

"Although the powers are there, it's the way the courts interpret them that can give rise to delays," he said.

"In this particular case there was a live planning application being dealt with through the appeal process, which was taking a long time and we did take the opinion of a barrister over whether we could prosecute and he advised that you would not succeed while there was a live planning application in the running."

In a statement Endonis added: "We have been restricted by delays in the planning process and ongoing negotiations with Uttlesford District Council."

Sir Alan Haselhurst, Conservative MP for Saffron Walden, raised the issue in Parliament on Wednesday.

He said Endonis made separate applications to bring the total number of houses to 815, and the facilities which have been built were added several years late.

"It's something I want to get the government to think about to see if there's a way through this which will allow the democratic view of all the people to prevail," he added.

"It seems to me that's basic and it seems to me that it's absolutely wrong that the developer can hold out in the way it's doing."

Emma Nicholls, of Flitch Green Parish Council, said: "The houses are there, the people are here, the community is here.

"We just need our village centre"

Flitch Green will feature on the BBC Politics Show East at noon on Sunday.

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