Brentwood council to consider running its own lottery

An Essex council is to consider plans to set up a lottery to raise extra money for projects hit by budget cuts.

Brentwood Borough Council will discuss the proposals put forward by Conservative councillor Phil Baker later this month.

Mr Baker "We've always got to look at ways of being innovative and funding things slightly differently."

Communities secretary and Brentwood MP Eric Pickles said it was complicated to do but "my view is good luck to them".

'Good luck'

Mr Baker added: "It's a very early idea at the moment and it has to go through all the checks and balances that we have in the council."

He said a "major proportion" of the money raised would go towards projects "that residents of Brentwood would like to see completed in the town".

Mr Pickles, gave a cautious backing to the idea, adding: "It's something I think a lot of councils have looked at in the past and rejected.

"Clearly it would be quite a complicated system to set up, but if Brentwood council feel they could run it, then my view is good luck to them."

The idea will be discussed by the council on 28 February.

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