Robinsons Fruit Shoot recall 'sparked by choke scare'

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Media captionBritvic recalled Robinsons Fruit Shoot and Fruit Shoot Hydro after Shelley Farries complained

The recall of a new Robinsons Fruit Shoot drink bottle was sparked by a six-year-old boy choking on a plastic cap, his mother has revealed.

Britvic recalled the "spill proof" Fruit Shoot and Fruit Shoot Hydro bottles after the cap lodged in Alexander Farries' throat.

The company said the 3 July recall was due to a "packaging safety issue".

Shelley Farries, of Colchester in Essex, said six-year-old Alexander started gasping while drinking.

The cap was dislodged and he was not harmed.

Mrs Farries, a childminder, alerted Britvic, which apologised and recalled the products.

The drinks are aimed at seven to 11-year-olds and can be drunk through a small hole in the screw-on cap, which Britvic claims prevents spills.

Image caption Britvic have recalled Fruit Shoot bottles featuring the new "spill proof" cap design

The incident happened about two weeks ago when the lid came off Alexander's bottle, causing him to gasp for air and choke.

His mother tapped him on the back, which made the cap fall out of his mouth.

A week after the recall, Britvic shares slumped by 13.4% when the company said delays in designing a new cap could cost it up to £25m.

London-based Britvic said: "The safety of our customers is our number one priority and we are grateful to Mrs Farries for bringing her situation to our attention.

"We have recalled Fruit Shoot bottles featuring the new design cap and are working hard to get Fruit Shoot back on the shelves.

"We apologise to her and all our customers for the inconvenience caused."

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