Clacton cyclist Alan Spink's cameras film 'near-misses'

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Media captionAlan Spink cycles to work at McDonald's every day

A cyclist from Essex says he has resorted to fitting a camera to his helmet and handlebars after a series of "near-misses" while riding.

Alan Spink, 42, said he began filming in Clacton for his own safety and to prove what motorists do wrong.

"They drive too close, much too close - they're about two inches away from my handlebars," said Mr Spink.

The footage, posted online, includes that of a car which overtakes Mr Spink and immediately turns left.

Safety test

In another film, a coach narrowly overtakes Mr Spink and a driver is filmed apparently texting at traffic lights.

Mr Spink, who cycles to work at McDonald's, said he was "quite fearful" during some of the incidents.

"I'd like to see these people get caught and get told they have to do a test, a safety test," he added.

"When my children watch the footage they say 'dad, why are these people trying to kill you'?"

Essex Police said it had seen some of Mr Spink's footage and had no evidence of any offences being committed but urged drivers to be careful.

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