Couple unaware of 1966 World Cup final on wedding day

Freda and Brian Cooke and the vicar
Image caption The vicar who married Freda and Brian Cooke said he was planning on watching the World Cup final after the ceremony

A couple who married on the day England won the World Cup in 1966 said they were unaware the match was taking place until the vicar mentioned it.

Brian and Freda Cooke married 50 years ago but were "too wrapped up" in wedding plans to notice the game.

"Our vicar told us he was glad it was a morning wedding so he could watch the football in the afternoon," said Mrs Cooke, 73, of Writtle, Essex.

"The cup didn't detract from the wedding at all - it was rather lovely."

A series of events is taking place to mark the 50th anniversary of England's victory, with a minute-by-minute live event at Wembley Stadium retelling the story of the day itself.

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Image caption England captain Bobby Moore lifts the Jules Rimet trophy on 30 July 1966
Image caption The newlyweds headed off on honeymoon after the ceremony, where Mr Cooke saw some of the England game on a big screen

The newlyweds headed to a caravan site for their honeymoon straight after the ceremony, where Mr Cooke, 70, ended up watching some of the match on a big screen in black and white.

"I saw one of the England goals. As it went in, the roar went up - you could hear it six or seven miles away in Brighton," said former RSCPA chief inspector Mr Cooke.

But the groom did not spend too long away from his new bride, and "wasn't tempted to stay and see if we won - it was more important I got back."

The pair - who have four children, five grandchildren and four great grandchildren - will be celebrating their golden wedding anniversary with a family party at home.

"Even now, I can close my eyes and see the way she looked when she came into the church," Mr Cooke said.

"I turned to look at her and and saw this figure there in an aura of light. I couldn't see her dad, only her. It was the most beautiful sight I've ever seen."

Image caption The pair will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary with a family party

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