Gloucestershire Police target drunk and drugged drivers

Drink-drivers in Gloucestershire who take to the wheel over Christmas are "moments from causing a lifetime of misery," police have said.

The message comes as the force starts its festive campaign.

A police spokesman said it would also be targeting those under the influence of drugs.

"It is encouraging drivers are getting wiser about drink-diving and its dire consequences... but we would like to see this fall further," he said.

'Ruined lives'

"It only takes one person to get behind the wheel intoxicated to ruin not just Christmas but a lifetime for the family of a drink-drive victim.

"Following on from last year, we will be using intelligence-led targeting of previous drink drivers and we will be present in areas known to have a higher level of offences being committed.

"This year police will be concentrating more than ever on capturing those drivers who have taken drugs - illegal or prescribed," he added.

Nineteen of those arrested last year were among the 385 people breath-tested at the scene of road accidents.

There were also 33 arrests in the under-25 category, out of 662 breath tests conducted within that age group.

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