Gloucestershire bus users quizzed over route subsidies

People living in Gloucestershire are being asked what bus services the council should continue to subsidise as part of its spending review.

Last year the county council said it needed to save £2m from its transport budget as part of a £108m package of cuts over the next four years.

The Conservative-controlled council said subsidies of up to £45 per return journey were "totally unsustainable".

Bus users have until January to give the council their views.

'Essential services'

Councillor Stan Waddington said the council wanted to look at all the routes it subsidises and have a "complete rethink" as to which ones should continue to receive council cash.

"At the moment, we're paying very high subsidies for some services because many people just aren't using them.

"The new focus will be on getting people to essential services - school, work or to seek medical care, which is vital.

"I would encourage anyone who uses buses and community transport in Gloucestershire to take part in our consultation and give us your views," Mr Waddington added.

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