Gloucestershire Police target M5 middle lane drivers

Drivers who "hog" the middle lane of the motorway are being targeted by police in Gloucestershire.

Messages on the M5's electronic boards will warn motorists to use all the lanes when driving through the county.

Insp Kevin Roseblade, of Gloucestershire Police, said: "They are all overtaking lanes. You have paid your road tax so use them all."

It is not an offence to stay in the middle lane but the police said those who stayed in it "risk an accident".

Insp Roseblade added: "In the emergency services we call them lanes one, two and three but a lot of people call them the slow lane and the fast lane. There is no such thing as a slow lane.

"I think a lot of people think if they are in the nearside lane, they're some sort of second class motorist and they don't belong there because they are going too slow.

"Drivers should use all the lanes."

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