Cirencester 'nuisance speeders' in minority, say police

Police in Gloucestershire say claims motorists are regularly breaking the 30mph speed limit in part of Cirencester are unfounded.

Officers set up detection radar on two roads on the Chesterton Estate to log traffic speeds in both directions over a seven-day period.

Apsley Road and Springfield Road were monitored, where 152 vehicles out of 16,381 were going faster than 30mph.

"We hope this reassures people's concerns," a police spokesman said.

"We are very pleased to see that it is only a tiny percentage of road users who are causing a nuisance.

"Of course, in any area there will always be a few drivers who ignore the rules of the road.

"Reports of speeding are taken very seriously and this is why we wanted the hard facts to show us if there was an issue."

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