Cheltenham cat finds way home through storm drain

A cat from Cheltenham is back with its owner after spending 10 days trapped in a storm drain.

Midnight's owner Jeannette Young said her pet had managed to find her way back along two miles of drain.

The cat was retrieved from a manhole by workers from Severn Trent Water a week ago.

Ms Young said the family were delighted to have her back. She said her other cat had been knocked down and killed just days earlier.

Ms Young explained: "Somebody heard her meowing, got the water board out to lift the manhole cover and there she was.

"She got all through the sewerage, the drainage works and managed to find home.

"I was sort of dreading that I was going to get another phone call saying another cat had been killed so to have this amazing outcome is just so exciting for us.

"It was the best news that we could have got."

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