'Shared space' system introduced in Gloucester

A system which allows vehicles and pedestrians to mix on the street has been introduced in Gloucester.

The "shared space" has been adopted in Southgate Street as part of the link between the city centre and the docks.

The system relies on pedestrians and drivers mutually agreeing to give way to each other.

Project manager Frank Heggs from Gloucestershire Highways said he was confident that people would get used to it.

'No evidence'

Mr Heggs said: "When you've got traffic lights, the motorist when on green can go whenever he likes. If somebody happens to step out you're likely to have a fatal on your hands.

"That's not the case with shared space and there's no evidence to show that there's an increase in accidents."

But Mark Dwyer, who owns a shop in Southgate Street, said: "You can hear the horns blazing all day long and I've seen two near misses.

"One was a lady with a pram, and an elderly gentleman. If the lady didn't sort of switch herself on if you like... the car was unaware there was a pedestrian there for some reason. It was very close."

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