Cut Gloucester phones lines down into next week

Hundreds of phone lines in Gloucester that were cut after workers damaged underground cables may not be fixed until next week, a BT spokeswoman said.

Phone and broadband connections in the area have not worked since the copper cables were severed on Thursday.

Repair work to the damaged cables, on Gouda Way, is under way but the telecoms firm could not say how long it would take.

Homes and businesses affected are in the city centre and Longlevens.

The spokeswoman said: "Obviously our priority is to restore services to everyone affected as quickly as we can.

"Once the repairs increase pace we have to ensure we reconnect the right wires to the right customers otherwise we'll have crossed lines to contend with.

"It's a painstaking operation, but we've got a task force of engineers who will be working around the clock into the weekend and no doubt into next week unfortunately as it's such a big job."

She said she expected the first lines to be reconnected from Saturday afternoon.

"We would like to apologise to everyone affected by this," the spokeswoman said.