Man charged with violent disorder after Gloucester riot

A man accused of throwing bricks and wood at police during disturbances in Gloucester on Tuesday has appeared in court charged with violent disorder.

The 26-year-old was remanded in custody at Stroud Magistrates' Court and is expected to be committed to crown court on 21 September.

Eighteen people have so far been arrested over the disturbances.

A 17-year-old boy who appeared at Cheltenham Magistrates' Court was also remanded in custody.

He has been charged with violent disorder following Tuesday's disturbances.

Eviction threat

Meanwhile a dispersal order has come into force in part of Gloucester in response to the disturbances on Tuesday night.

The police order, which covers Barton Street, came into operation at 12:00 BST on Thursday and runs for six months.

It means groups of two or more can be banned from the city centre for 24 hours if the police believe their behaviour could result in harassment.

It will be run within the boundaries of Trier Way, Metz Way, Eastern Avenue, Finlay Road and Stroud Road.

Social housing landlord Gloucester City Homes said it would seek to evict any tenants involved in the disorder.

Company representatives Ashley Green and Andrew Harley said in a statement: "Those responsible for the devastation of Tuesday night's events will be identified by the police and where they are tenants, children or visitors of Gloucester City Homes properties we will take the relevant legal proceedings and seek to evict them."

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