Gloucestershire cable theft cuts off phones and computers

At least 100 homes and businesses in Gloucestershire have been without telephone and computer services for three days after cables were stolen.

The theft of the underground cables, which ran alongside the road between Alderton and Toddington, near Tewkesbury, was reported on Thursday.

British Telecom (BT) said it hoped some services would be restored later, but some may take at least two more days.

Local businessman Nigel Fisher said it was causing him "a lot of disruption".

Emma Littlejohn from BT said: "All we can say is we're working as quickly as we can.

"Some customers, we hope, will see their services restored today, but it's not possible to give an exact timescale, as the repair work is very difficult."

Mr Fisher, who runs a caravanning business in nearby Alstone, said: "We rely on phones and computers for our business.

"I've got a small caravanning site. We have people ringing up and they can't get through. It's causing a lot of disruption to businesses round here."

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