Crash damage costs Gloucestershire emergency services £200k

Costs to Gloucestershire's emergency services for crashes involving their vehicles came to over £200,000 in the past financial year, figures show.

Freedom of Information Act figures show that 201 police vehicles were damaged in 2010/11, costing £126,000.

Crashes involving 29 of the county's fire service vehicles cost the service nearly £100,000, the figures revealed.

In one example, it paid £76,000 for damage to a vehicle that was involved in a side-on collision.

The service is awaiting the settlement of third party damage in relation to the crash.

'Failing everybody'

In another example, damage to a vehicle that was struck by oncoming traffic cost the fire service £312.

Geoff Sallis, Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service's deputy chief fire officer, said: "We try and minimise [collisions] through our response standards, through our driver training and really through talking to drivers.

"It's that balance between how quickly can we get there, what is the incident we're responding to.

"If we don't get there then we're failing everybody."

A breakdown of figures for crashes involving ambulance service vehicles was not available.

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