Gloucestershire schools receive £106,000 MOD cash

Four Gloucestershire schools which teach children from military families have received a share of £106,000.

The money is part of the Ministry of Defence's commitment to service families in an agreement known as the military covenant.

Schools have used the money to bring in more staff to support pupils whose first language is not English.

Innsworth Junior School has received the largest share, £35,600, and has 50 pupils from military families.

Out of the 50 pupils, 20 are from multi-national backgrounds and 15 of them have English as second language.

Head teacher of Innsworth Junior School, Lynfa Jenkins, said: "The challenge is to address the needs of the children who have English as second language with their speaking and listening skills - as many arrived with no English whatsoever.

"We have to balance our teaching with children who have English as a second language with the children whose first language is English - it's a challenge for teachers."

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