Slimbridge and Cambridge told no quick sewage fix

Householders in two Gloucestershire villages have been told there will be no quick fix for the problem of homes and gardens filling with raw sewage.

More than 100 residents from Slimbridge and Cambridge attended a meeting with Severn Trent to discuss the problem which occurs after heavy rain.

Danielle Cherry of Severn Trent said: "We understand this isn't acceptable.

"We will be working with the people who suffer from sewer and area flooding to get the full picture."

'Bit heated'

The matter came to a head again during the flooding last November when human waste washed along Ryles Lane in Cambridge and St John's Road in Slimbridge.

Tony Cope, who said his property has been affected since the 1980s, was at the meeting.

He said: "It got a bit heated and they were forced to admit that the system doesn't work.

"They said they couldn't do anything for two years as they were on a five-year plan and then it would have to be discussed."

Severn Trent said the two villages were not the only places in Gloucestershire suffering from the same issues.

Ms Cherry said: "We will begin looking at what we can do in the next month."

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