'Nuisance' sheep seized by Gloucestershire Police

A flock of sheep continually allowed to roam free by their owner has been seized by police in Gloucestershire.

Some 40 complaints have been received this year over the seven sheep which roam free in the Clifford's Mesne and May Hill areas of Newent, police said.

A Gloucestershire Police spokesman said the sheep would be auctioned off after the owners refused to pay to cover the cost of impounding the animals.

The force said it would recoup its costs from any money made by the sale.

'Pay the consequences'

PC Brian Howard, who used a shepherd and two sheepdogs to help round up the sheep, said the problem of free-roaming horses and sheep had been on the police's radar "for a while".

He said residents had reported animals causing an obstruction on the road and trashing gardens, fences and other property.

"Unsurprisingly, the owners did come forward this time but are not willing to pay the costs," he added.

"Therefore they will pay the consequences and in the process the community will be afforded some relief."

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