Cheltenham rickshaw business halted due to licence delay

A man trying to set up a cycle rickshaw business in Cheltenham said he may have to abandon the idea after waiting 13 months for a licence from the council.

James Myer of Rickshaw Revolution wants to operate up to three town rickshaws.

Cheltenham Borough Council approved the plan in principle last year but a firm decision has still not been made.

Mr Myer described the situation as frustrating but councillor Peter Jefferies said he was confident the council had been professional.

Last year, the idea was subject to a four-week internal consultation in which the authority said it would seek opinions on how to "do it properly and do it right".

Some of the issues discussed included the fare structure, the area in which the rickshaws would operate and road widths in the town centre.

Mr Myer said: "The council has been absolutely hopeless to discuss anything with, or get any logical rationale from them as to why they are not happy with it and what aspects concern them."

Mr Jefferies, cabinet member for housing and safety, said: "There has been criticism in the length of time taken and the way that the licensing of rickshaws has been dealt with but we're confident that we have been open, honest and professional in our attempt to support the introduction of a rickshaw licence for Cheltenham."

A Cheltenham Borough Council committee is due to meet later to discuss why a decision has still not been made.

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