Gloucestershire flood warnings remain in place

Flood warnings remain in place in Gloucestershire with the Environment Agency "keeping a close eye on things" as more heavy rain is forecast.

Dave Throup from the agency said they were expecting up to 2in (5cm) of rain over very high land in Wales, which would impact on the county's rivers.

He said: "We'll be making sure what flood defences we have are ready to go.

"We have a number of warnings along the Severn from Tewkesbury down towards Gloucester."

He added: "The ground is absolutely saturated now. Levels are very high, although not as high as last year, and rivers will respond to tonight's forecast rain.

"It's the peak on the Severn from the rain that we've already had, the problem is that it's going to get topped up. The way things are, we need to keep an eye on things."

The Environment Agency is concerned because the ground is already saturated after Monday's storms which saw 1in (2.5cm) of rainfall.

The Met Office has warned of another storm coming in from the Atlantic, which is expected to hit the UK by Friday.

It could bring 1in (2.5cm) of rain and gusts of up to 70mph and is predicted to affect all parts of the UK except for the East Midlands and East Anglia.

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