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Lymington reader gets 'final word' on News of the World

Jeanne Hobson
Image caption Jeanne Hobson had emailed her comments to the News of the World

A newspaper letter writer has had her last message to the News of the World printed on the back page of its final edition.

Jeanne Hobson, 68, from Lymington, Hampshire, had emailed a comment to the paper when news of its closure broke.

It was placed alongside a quotation from a 1946 George Orwell essay, Decline of the English Murder.

She said: "I felt quite quite tearful and very sorry for all those innocent people who lost their jobs."

'Very irate'

Publisher News International axed the 168-year-old tabloid in the wake of phone-hacking allegations last week, prompting Mrs Hobson to email.

"I have read this paper since I was old enough to read newspapers," she wrote.

"I cannot imagine Sundays without you."

She admitted she had no idea her comments had gone to press until her partner came out of the newsagents on Sunday morning grinning and said: "You're in history".

Mrs Hobson admitted she is a regular contributor to newspaper letters pages.

"I do get very irate about things in Lymington. If there is anything I don't like, the local paper gets it," she said.

She had written a few letters to the News of the World previously and had been a winner of the paper's "star letter" on one occasion.

The final edition of the News of the World bore the headline "Thank You & Goodbye"

The paper doubled Sunday's print run to five million, with money from sales donated to four charities.