Hampshire & Isle of Wight

One in 14 'failed breath tests' in Hampshire and Isle of Wight

Nearly one in 14 drivers who were asked to give a sample of breath in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight failed the test, police have said.

Hampshire police breath tested 2,165 drivers in June and 160 failed. The force said 813 of those were tested following collisions.

The police said more than one in 10 of the drivers who failed the test were men in their 20s.

Officers also carried out impairment tests to check for signs of drug use.

'Ruins lives'

Supt Chris Brown said: "If you chose to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol you're more likely to crash and more likely to kill or seriously injure yourself, your friends and other people on the road.

"When you are caught drink driving you'll be arrested and held in a cell, normally for several hours.

"When you get to court you could be fined, banned from driving or even sent to jail.

"If drink or drug-driving doesn't kill you or someone else, it can still ruin lives. You can't put a value on a life, so why take the risk?"

The force said 188 people were arrested during the June campaign - mostly for drink driving - and 130 have been charged.

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