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Fareham police station evacuated after grenade brought in

A police station in Hampshire had to be evacuated after a member of the public brought in a WWII hand grenade.

A man entered the station in Fareham at about 09:30 BST and told the officer in the front office that he wanted to hand in the grenade.

Officers, staff, visitors and people being held in custody were made to leave and a 100ft (30m) cordon was put up around the station.

An Army bomb disposal team from Bordon made the grenade safe.

They found it still had its pin but had no fuse or firing mechanism.

A Hampshire police spokeswoman said the station was declared safe and reopened an hour later.

Insp Jim Pegler said: "We would urge anyone who finds a grenade or other explosive device not to disturb it, and certainly not to pick it up and carry it.

"Unless you are an expert it is very difficult to assess whether the device is live and poses a threat.

"Leave it where it is, move away from it and contact the emergency services on 999 so that they can deal with it safely.

"Our front office staff are trained to deal with incidents such as this and they acted swiftly to ensure the station was evacuated and that the right procedures were followed."

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