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Isle of Wight businesses criticise water work

Some Isle of Wight businesses say they may lose money during maintenance work on mains water pipes.

Southern Water told customers on Ryde High Street, Ryde, it would be flushing pipes for two hours over two days but could not provide specific times.

Hairdresser Julie Taylor said: "They should have liaised with businesses for a time convenient to all of us."

The company said it was part of a £4m works programme and thanked customers for "patience and co-operation".

The firm said the work could cause some discolouration of water as harmless iron deposits were flushed from the pipes. It advised customers not to use water appliances while the flushing was taking place.

It advised shop owners to talk to its workmen to get the exact schedule of the work when they arrived on the high street.

Ms Taylor claimed businesses on the street had less than a week's notice about the work.

She added that it had cost her shop at least £250 as she had to re-schedule clients booked in for various treatments.

"They could be at risk of chemical burns or hair loss if we can't use the water to rinse - it's not worth the risk," she said.

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