Hampshire & Isle of Wight

Underwater pipeline begins routing gas to Isle of Wight

Underwater gas pipeline
Image caption The pipeline runs from Lepe on the edge of the New Forest to Gurnard near Cowes

Gas flow will be fed through a new underwater pipeline between Hampshire and the Isle of Wight later.

The £20m, 3.8km pipe runs from Lepe in the New Forest to Gurnard, near Cowes, up to 30m beneath the Solent seabed.

It replaces three old lines from the mainland to the island installed in the 1960s.

The pipeline's construction by Southern Gas Networks (SGN), which began 18 months ago, is believed to be the longest drill of its kind.

The pipe, which will serve about 56,000 people on the island, was put in place using two separate tunnels drilled underneath the seabed from both sides of the water.

Once the drill heads met in the middle the new gas mains were pulled through and the supply connected.

The firm is now waiting for official recognition from the Guinness Book of Records for the longest directional drill of its kind.

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