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Crumpet Party name ban 'political correctness gone mad'

Ray Hall Image copyright PA
Image caption Ray Hall is considering five options as a new party name, including the Beer, Baccy and Trumpet Party

A party leader has branded the decision to ban the group's "offensive" name from ballot papers "political correctness gone mad".

The Beer, Baccy and Crumpet party was told by the Electoral Commission its name could not appear on voting slips in May.

In a review of party names it said the word crumpet could be seen as describing women "in a demeaning way".

Party leader Ray Hall denied the term was offensive.

Mr Hall, who received 235 votes in a 2013 Eastleigh by-election after Chris Huhne resigned, said he is considering a new name for the party.

'Obsolete material'

He accused the commission of "pulling the plug" on the party close to the election.

"We are not very happy," he said.

"There are opportunities to change the name but with only eight weeks to go [to the General Election] all the material which has been produced, everything will be obsolete, maybe even the website.

"It beggars belief."

Crumpet was not a sexist term, he said, and there were "far worse words" used to describe women.

Image caption The commission wrote to Mr Hall to inform him of its decision

"That is to my mind offensive, but crumpet is not," he said.

"People are mildly amused, not offended."

Possible alternatives for the party's name include the Beer, Baccy and Je Suis Charlie Party, the Beer, Baccy and Trumpet Party, the Beer, Baccy and Squeaky Wheel Party or the Inclusive party.

A spokeswoman for the Electoral Commission said the party could apply to register an amended name to appear on ballot papers.

Mr Hall has been told the name will be removed from the register of political parties for Great Britain on Saturday.

Registering a party takes roughly 30 days.

Image caption Ray Hall told the BBC all the promotional material for this year's election was obsolete

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