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Reconstruction over woman's 'kidnap' in Herefordshire

Police investigating the possible kidnapping of a woman in Herefordshire are to stage a reconstruction.

The woman, thought to be unconscious, was seen being taken from a 4x4 vehicle and put into the back of a van in a lane between Sutton St Nicholas and Withington last Friday.

Four men and a woman were with the vehicles, police said.

Anyone who thinks a friend or relative may be missing should contact police. The reconstitution will be held later.

Two vehicles were seen acting suspiciously in Ridgeway Road, police said.

'Strange incident'

Det Insp Barnes said the witness thought there had been a road accident and asked if she could help but was told "everything was fine".

"We have continued to speak to the witness at length this week and she has confirmed she believes that the woman she saw being put into the van was unconscious," he said.

"It was because of this that she reported the incident to the police, while she was also suspicious about the fact that she witnessed the incident in such an isolated spot."

Mr Barnes said police want to speak to the people involved to check nothing untoward was happening.

The force currently has no missing person locally matching the description of the woman, who is said to have long dark hair.

"Until we are reassured we simply have to take this incident very seriously," he added

"A significant amount of police resources continue to be used in this investigation and therefore it is vital that we find out once and for all what the circumstances surrounding this strange incident were."

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