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Hereford and Worcester NSPCC support services to close

The NSPCC is to close its children's centres in Hereford and Worcester by the end of June.

The charity said both areas had smaller populations and were not as deprived as other areas.

Seven members of staff work at both centres, three in the Worcester office and four in the Hereford office, which provide therapeutic services.

Head of service for the West Midlands, Sandra Lescott-Robinson, said: "The NSPCC cannot be everywhere."

'Maximum effect'

Ms Lescott-Robinson said the decisions did not reflect the quality of services in Hereford and Worcester but were based on having staff located where the charity can have the most impact on the greatest number of children.

"Our aim is to ensure our funds are used to maximum effect, enabling us to have staff in locations where they can focus on helping as many children as possible," she said.

The charity said it was working with the staff affected in Hereford and Worcester to decide how the decision will affect them.

The NSPCC said it will concentrate on services for the West Midlands in its current centres in Birmingham, Coventry and Stoke-on-Trent.

The charity is also planning to develop its helplines, ChildLine for children and the NSPCC Helpline for any adult concerned about a child, to compensate for the loss.

There are also plans to launch a new ChildLine Schools Service.

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