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Malvern police investigate poisoning deaths of 17 pets

The deaths of pets in a Worcestershire town are being investigated over fears they were deliberately poisoned.

Sixteen cats and one dog in Malvern have died from anti-freeze poisoning in the past fortnight, according to Best Friends Veterinary Surgery.

Caroline Trungel, whose cats died, said: "We don't know the source of the anti-freeze, whether it's being done maliciously or not."

West Mercia Police said it was investigating the reports.

Officers are liaising with the Environment Agency, which is carrying out tests in a local stream.

All the deaths have occurred in the same part of the town, around Ramsons Close and Maybank, off Townsend Way.

John Slattery, a local vet, advised pet owners in the area to keep cats indoors and to wash their dog's paws after walks.

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