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Unopened wine dumped in bin baffles police in Hagley

Police are trying to find the owner of 77 bottles of wine - some of them worth hundreds of pounds - found in a wheelie bin in Worcestershire.

The unopened wine was discovered outside Hagley community centre by a man who had hired the venue for a New Year's Eve party.

"It's very strange. At the moment it just doesn't make any sense," said PC Chris Evans.

West Mercia Police said the bottles were a mixture of red and white wine.

Further clues

PC Evans said he was being inundated with calls from around the country from people who said they have had wine stolen.

"They are not in pristine condition and look as if they may have come from someone's cellar.

"It's not shop-bought stuff, some date back to 1982.

"We've checked the bottles and some of them are worth three to four hundred pounds."

The police said they are currently looking at CCTV images for further clues to who dumped the bottles.

If the owner of the wine is not found after 28 days, the man who discovered the haul can claim it for himself.

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