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BT Phone Book wrongly lists MPs in Hereford and Worcester

The latest edition of the BT Phone Book for Hereford and Worcester has wrongly listed a number of MPs.

The company has printed the names of four MPs from 2010 as current members.

They include Sir Michael Spicer instead of Harriet Baldwin, Dr Richard Taylor instead of Mark Garnier, and Paul Keetch instead of Jesse Norman.

BT said it was investigating what might have happened, but that it took information from telephone companies and service providers.

'Straight forward mistake'

Another error is naming Labour's Michael Foster as the MP for Worcester. He lost his seat in 2010 to Conservative MP Robin Walker.

Mr Walker said: "It seems to be a pretty straightforward cock-up on their part and I hope they're able to put that right pretty quickly.

"I think it's ironic because actually, we all, as MPs, meet with BT fairly regularly to talk about things like the roll-out of broadband, so they're certainly aware of who the new MPs are."

A spokeswoman for BT said: "BT Phone Books takes all of its information from telephone companies and communications service providers, and the onus is on all their customers to update their details with their own communications service provider.

"This information is then passed onto BT for publication in the relevant phone book. (This is protected by data protection laws to ensure it is done correctly.)

"We publish 168 local versions every year which include millions of entries and more than 10,000 changes are made to the data we collect every day. Therefore any changes are reflected immediately in our online phonebook and in the next available printed copy."

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