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Diamond Jubilee: Pinkett Street reunion from 1953 photo

A street party organiser in Worcester has traced nearly half the people pictured in a photo taken on the day of the Queen's Coronation.

Sandra Smith from Northwick plans to reunite as many people as possible from the 1953 photo for a party to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee on Sunday.

Mrs Smith said: "I grew up on such a wonderful street - it's exciting to be able to get so many of us together."

The celebrations will be Pinkett Street's 12th street party.

They have become a tradition for the area and include cordoning off the road, long trestle tables and bunting.

The first one was held for VE Day in 1945 and the most recent marked the Royal Wedding last year.

Family tradition

Mrs Smith said her mother organised the 1953 party for the Queen's Coronation.

She said: I remember taking an old pram up the street and collecting jellies, sandwiches, cakes and crowding into what was the butcher's shop and having a party.

"I've tracked down 12 people to come to the reunion party, many of whom are still living in Worcester as well as Droitwich and Kempsey."

Those being reunited range in age from 60 to 80. Eight people pictured had died and one has emigrated to Australia.

One former resident, Terry Penlington, pictured in the top right of the picture, was contacted by Mr Smith and recently returned to Pinkett Street for the first time in 50 years.

He said: "It's a caring street and has always had a tradition of community spirit and clearly still does - it's fantastic to be asked back for the party."

Mrs Smith said there will be around 240 adults and 70 children at the party which is costing £2,000 to put on.

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