Hull police criticise many who 'drove past suicidal man'

A police chief who restrained a man threatening to jump off a Hull flyover has criticised passersby who did nothing to help.

Ch Insp David Rawding dragged the 26-year-old back after he climbed over railings on the A63 Hessle Road Flyover on Tuesday.

He said it was "very sad" to see people in more than 20 vehicles in front of him drive past the distressed man.

He said the consequences of their "lack of care" could have been tragic.

Ch Insp Rawding, of Humberside Police, said: "It is not normal for a person to clamber over the railings at the top of a flyover and the fact that more than 20 vehicles in front of mine drove past an individual who was clearly in distress was very sad.

'No vehicles stopped'

"I stopped and struggled to prevent him jumping and had to restrain him before dragging him back onto the correct side of the railings.

"Even whilst this was occurring no vehicles stopped to help."

Ch Insp Rawding said eventually a young woman, who had what was happening from the bottom of the flyover, ran up and used his phone to get further police assistance.

"The distressed man was still trying to clamber back over the railings and without her assistance it would have been unlikely that I could have continued to restrain him and get support.

"She was the only person to show any compassion."

He added: "It was very distressing to see the general public's lack of care for a fellow human.

"I would always urge the public to intervene if they see someone in distress or trying to harm themselves.

"The police cannot always be there to stop incidents like this one and we need the public's help."

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