Hull garden home to 'world's oldest' wild common toad

Georgie the toad
Image caption Georgie the toad was given to a Hull resident in 1973 to protect garden plants

The world's oldest wild common toad could be living in a garden in Hull, according to experts at the University of York.

Georgie the toad was introduced to a garden in the Greatfield area in 1973, to protect tomato plants against pests.

Scientists were told of the creature as part of a nature study and they believe it is at least 40-years-old.

Common toads can live for 12 years in the wild and up to 40 or 50 years in captivity.

University of York community scientist Sal Hobbs said: "As a young adult Georgie was given as a gift to a Hull resident as a way of protecting her tomato plants against pests.

"That was 38 years ago, so remarkably Georgie must be at least 40 years old now.

"Therefore, as a wild common toad of her age, Georgie might well be a world record-breaker."

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