Four rescued from incoming tide at Grimsby

Four teenagers rescued from the incoming tide near Grimsby docks could have called for help on their mobile phones despite having no credit, a lifeboat rescue helmsman has said.

The two boys and two girls were spotted by a police helicopter trapped against a sea wall on Wednesday evening.

They thought they could not use their phones without credit for emergency calls and so did not call for help.

Gary Barlow, of Cleethorpes RNLI, said they were lucky.

Mr Barlow said: "The two male and two female casualties were fortunate to have been spotted by the Humberside Police helicopter whilst out on a routine patrol - who alerted the coastguard.

"The area in which these guys found themselves is very muddy in places, and a hazard in itself.

"The incoming tide pinned them against the seawall at a point where access from the shore is tricky.

"Help could have arrived even more promptly though, had they themselves alerted the emergency services once they realised their predicament.

"Despite carrying mobile phones they wrongly believed they could not make an emergency call without credit."

In any emergency, a 999 call can be made for free from any mobile phone, Mr Barlow added.

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