Energy drinks crackdown by Grimsby primary school

A Grimsby primary school is cracking down on pupils buying energy drinks, over fears behaviour could be affected.

Staff at South Parade Primary School noticed Year 5 and 6 students, aged nine to 11, were picking up the drinks on their way to school.

Energy drinks, which contain about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, can cause children to become hyperactive and disruptive.

The local shop has agreed to stop selling them to schoolchildren.

'Not for children'

Head teacher Sandy Holmes said: "We had a few children that had been buying them on their way in, unbeknownst to their parents

"When our kids get a bit older they come to school on their own, so with the best will in the world the parents don't always know what they're buying."

Richard Lambing of the British Soft Drinks Association agreed that energy drinks were not appropriate for primary school children.

"The view of our soft drinks industry is that these drinks are not intended for children, we say on the label that they're not suitable for children and we don't market them for under 16s.

"In the end it's for parents to decide what drinks their children should have, or for schools to decide what children drink in their school, so it's our job as an industry to support them in that."

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