Grimsby band The Ram Raid call out for new members

Sean Jackson
Image caption Guitarist and lead vocalist Sean Jackson hopes to expand the band and its sound.

Grimsby brothers Jim and Sean Jackson are on the look out for new band members for their group, The Ram Raid.

With new material in the bag and tours in the pipeline, the brothers are hoping to expand to a four-piece as well as find a more permanent bass player.

Their last bass player, Tom, left soon after the band finished recording their album.

Now the duo are hoping to recruit a permanent line-up and expand the bands sound.

Guitarist and lead vocalist Sean Jackson said they were currently making do with a temporary bass player.

"Brock is just helping us out at the moment, but he has a lot of other work with tribute bands so he isn't able to come on any quests to other countries.

"The last bass player Tom wussed out on us after we finished recording the album, so we're looking for someone who wants to commit to gigging, being on the road, recording, travelling. But it's hard to find people who just want to live for the music."

'More riffs'

Sean said expanding the band has apparently been on the cards for a while.

"Imagine The Ram Raid with a little more of a Pink Floyd tint to it, but still heavy and fast.

"More riffs under a keyboard holding down chords, break downs and those bits in the fresh songs you rehearse when you just wish there was something to fatten them up."

It looks like there are even plans to "fatten up" the stage show to go with the growing band.

Sean is keen to spend money on a light show to go with the revamped sound. He said: "It would bring a whole new aspect to writing."

But a keen interest in being part of a successful touring band is not the only thing on the checklist for new members. According to Sean, vocals are an important part of The Ram Raid sound.

"If we could find a bass player who can sing and a keyboard player who can sing then we will have four part harmonies, male or female, either would be good."

New links

So where are the band hoping to take their new members?

Sean hopes Hull's transport links might make the Netherlands a tempting first endeavour: "We've got some friends of friends over there, but it would just be great to go abroad.

"Apparently there is such a thing as hospitality out there, at gigs, there are a few bands I've contacted so far."

With so many plans it's a wonder they get any time to gig at all but thanks to their non-musical talents, they always get to where they need to be.

Sean said: "Our transit van gets us everywhere without fail - touch wood - it always does because I do all the work. When you're starting at the bottom like us you can't afford garage prices so you learn to do it all yourself, there's no other option!

"We managed to get all the way down the M5 last December, but then the whole country came to a standstill because of the snow."

You can see The Ram Raid at The Yardbirds Club in Grimsby on September 9 and if you fancy joining the band you can message them on Facebook or via their website

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