Humberside Police fears over young drink drivers

Breath test
Image caption Police took the test after motorists were stopped for traffic offences or after collisions

Humberside Police has said it is concerned about the number of younger drivers who have been caught drinking.

An anti drink-driving campaign in the summer showed that 11% of under 25-year-olds stopped failed a breath test.

This contrasts with just 7% of positive tests for those aged over 25.

Humberside Police said the results were a concern as about "a third of the most serious collisions involve under 25-year-olds."

Traffic management co-ordinator Neil Fillingham said: "The issue of concern for me and throughout the Humberside force area is the under-25s. It is a considerably higher rate than any other age group.

"It is hard to speculate about why this is, but there is definitely a big problem of young people drinking and driving. It is something we have identified, not just last Christmas but in other previous campaigns."

During the campaign a total of 2,125 drivers were breath tested in the Humberside force area during June and July.

Mr Fillingham said the police were involved in a variety of initiatives to try and improve the safety of younger drivers, including education courses instead of prosecution for those caught committing minor traffic offences.

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