Drinker 'killed one-legged Scunthorpe man'

A one-legged man was beaten, stamped and kicked to death in his flat before his attackers stole and burned his prosthetic leg, a court has heard.

Roy Bush, 44, died at his home in Pryme Road, Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, in March.

Liam Campbell, 26, of Kingston View, Barton-on-Humber, denies murder.

Teesside Crown Court heard Mr Campbell claimed his drink had been spiked in the hours leading up to the killing. Prosecutors said that was "nonsense".

Joe Harrison, 27, of Bennett Road, Scunthorpe, has admitted murdering Mr Bush.

Cocaine theory

The court heard that Mr Bush's prosthetic leg was removed after he was killed. His attackers stole the leg from his home, along with other property.

It was later dumped and burned with the other items.

Mr Campbell claimed that while socialising with friends, including Mr Harrison, his drink was spiked.

The court heard he believed that was the case because the amount he drank had a greater effect than normal.

Prosecutor Simon Waley said: "The prosecution say to you that is a nonsense."

CCTV images from a pub showed Mr Campbell acting normally, playing snooker and chatting, the court heard.

Later, footage from an off-licence showed him counting out money in his hand.

The prosecution said after the attack, Mr Campbell was able to negotiate paths in an area known as Clarky's Wood, despite the darkness, before dumping the items including the leg.

Mr Waley said: "The prosecution accept that this defendant may to some extent have been under the influence of alcohol alone or mixed with some drugs.

"One of those may possibly have been cocaine.

"It is not a defence for someone to say they did something when under the influence of alcohol or drugs which they would not have done when they were sober."

The trial continues.

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