Drop in under-age alcohol sales across North East Lincolnshire

Illegal sales of alcohol to under-age buyers has dropped by two thirds across North East Lincolnshire in the last 12 months.

Officers from the county council used under-age volunteers to attempt purchases at 159 shops. Twelve - 7.5% of the total - failed the test.

A previous operation had recorded a failure rate of more than 22%.

Trading Standards and other staff targeted some shops after complaints about youngsters buying alcohol.

Insp Neil Pattison of Humberside Police said: "There is a clear link between under-age people consuming alcohol and disorder on our streets.

"It is good to note that sales to under-18s have fallen.

"However we will not be complacent and will continue to work closely with Trading Standards to target premises, both on and off licence, who we suspect are selling to under-age people."

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